We as a country and as a species are at a huge crossroads in history. We are more advanced than we have ever been and our technology is increasing almost exponentially. But at the same time, at the same time that we are the most technologically advanced things to have ever existed, we are killing the world on which we live. A world that has given us everything that has gotten us this far and that we are killing every time we use its precious resources.

So what are the chances that the world dies before we have the technology to just get up and find another one? The answer is that there is no way that we outrun our destructive force and have the technology to move to a much more difficult environment on which to live. Plus why would we? This planet has everything that we need and it is all pretty easy to get. ┬áLet’s just focus on alternative energy.

With that said, there are things that we can do to literally save the life of the planet. Things that are not that difficult and things that we probably have the green technology to achieve if we just shifted the way we think. We are so driven by money and greed that people will use the resources that are able to be depleted just to make money for themselves.

Getting away from selfishness

People are selfish some people believe, but others believe that people are inherently good. Let’s show the world that we are by looking for new ways to produce energy that does not destroy the planet. Lets take all of this money making technology and war technology and show the universe that we can be the good people that everyone thinks they are deep down.

Let’s find alternative energy sources to reduce the effects of climate change and perhaps save the world for future generators. Let’s quit being selfish and become more of the humans that we want to be inside. Through the use of electric generators and wind power and other forms of electricity, we have found ways to use renewable energy to power our society, but there is not enough people on board.

We need to shift the way we think entirely and put all of our efforts toward green energy if we want to survive this climate change. The choice is up to us, do we want to accumulate wealth that will ultimately mean nothing if the planet is destroyed, or do we want to use our minds for the greater good, a good that will literally save the world if we focus on the right thing. I don’t know about you but for me the answer is clear. Reduce fossil fuel use with a Honda generator rental and find other ways, we don’t care how, we don’t care how much it is, it just needs to be done.