Green Energy Research

Green energy is somewhat of a buzz word in today’s media and what we find interesting is that not everyone is on board with the idea. Moreover, there are some people that believe that climate change is a hoax and that what we are doing is great for the human race and the planet as well. We think this is ridiculous and dangerous to think.

The fact is that most scientists agree that climate change is real and that while humans are not solely responsible for it, they are big contributors. Carbon dioxide omissions from factories and other forms of coal based energy is the biggest culprit, and we must realize that in order for the planet to be around for future generations, that we must fix this.

Fix it today and fix it quick

Alternative energy is not something that should be a buzz word but a word that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Right now we have time to change our ways and develop new ways of producing energy, but we need to do it now while we still have a cushion in terms of damage to the earth. Because right now we do have a cushion, but we will not have it for long.

So join us as we seek out alternative forms of energy, mainly through the use of electric generators. Generators that are not harmful to the environment and convert human power to electricity almost directly. It is the only way to make sure that the world is safe for future generations and that we are doing everything we can to make sure that we are working toward solving the problem, not making it worse.